You know when I started with the FBI back in 1967, of course there was a lot of gunfire. We shot thousands of rounds on the range and basically there was no ear protection. I think that was when my hearing loss started and it was a gradual thing. Quite frankly I...

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Dawn & Debbie

Dawn- "I got my first hearing aid in January of 2005. I don't really know how long I had been losing hearing, but I know my children got tired of me saying, "What? What?" Debbie- "Which started when we were 2!" Dawn- "It did not!" Debbie- "You know we said, 'Mom you...

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Sara’s Story

I was an ear infection kid when I was a small child. I had a lot of swimmer's ear and ear infections and I had a total of 11 tubes in my left ear from age 2 to 29. While at a young age, I think I was aware I needed to be careful of my hearing, and you know, just...

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