Sara’s Story

I was an ear infection kid when I was a small child. I had a lot of swimmer’s ear and ear infections and I had a total of 11 tubes in my left ear from age 2 to 29. While at a young age, I think I was aware I needed to be careful of my hearing, and you know, just activities that kids take for granted, like jumping in the water. Those were things I couldn’t do. My family would go to car races and I would have to wear ear protection, going to concerts I would ear protection. My friends just thought, “Sara and her ear plugs.” You know, it was just part of my life.

I wanted i-pod ear molds and I wanted to listen to music and be able to hear it well. So, I went to an ear professional that did that, and they right away looked in my ears. That’s part of the process, where they need to look at the canals and see what kind of shape your ears are in. And they noticed right away that I had some trauma to my ears, a lot of scar tissue. So a few other hearing aid professionals got involved and got to know my history, and they said, “Well, we are going to send you for a hearing test”, and after the results, they had explained to me technology with the open venting system and it was going to be perfect for me. So at that time, they picked the right hearing aid and I was fit that day.

It was an amazing day. I walked in thinking I was just going to get a cool pair of accessories to listen to music and walked out with hearing aids, so it was a fun thing. I walked outside for the first time and heard birds chirping and a big jet was flying over me. And it was a very cool experience. I could hear water running that I could never hear unless I was right in front of it. So, it was just a neat experience.