Dawn & Debbie

Dawn- “I got my first hearing aid in January of 2005. I don’t really know how long I had been losing hearing, but I know my children got tired of me saying, “What? What?”

Debbie- “Which started when we were 2!”

Dawn- “It did not!”

Debbie- “You know we said, ‘Mom you must be losing your hearing,’ and she was like, ‘Oh, no, no, there’s just lots of noise going on! You are talking too light.’, and she was always making an excuse for why she couldn’t hear. ‘There is just too much going on! I just can’t hear you!’ So, it was almost like an automatic excuse for her rather than an admission that she was losing her hearing.”

Dawn- “No, I think I really believed that I wasn’t losing my hearing. I really do, I thought it was them. And I didn’t realize that I had lost my hearing as much as I did until the day I came home with the hearing aids.”

Debbie- “We would talk amongst ourselves and my sister would say, ‘I talked to Mom last night on the phone, uhh, it’s so frustrating, you have to say everything twice.’ So, it quit being a joke and started becoming a tremendous source of frustration for us.”

Dawn- “I can agree with that because it was bugging me when they would tell me that I couldn’t hear them, they were getting frustrated. You know, I kept thinking, ‘It’s my hearing, it’s me, it’s my house, I live alone, I can have the TV as loud as I want it. You know, I am not bothering anybody.'”

Debbie- “It’s funny because I have noticed somewhat that there are sounds I can’t hear and I have trouble with certain sounds and I am not even opposed to going and having my hearing tested because I don’t want to go through what my Mom has gone through. I don’t want to put my kid through what my Mom has put us through, you know. And I don’t want to be excluded from things or feel excluded from things because I can’t hear. So I would say listen to your family and be a part of your life by hearing.”

Dawn- “Right, right, she’s right!”

Dawn and Debbie